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Mario Winans
Anno: 2004
Genere: Pop
Lingua: Inglese
[Verse 1] 
First time we met, didn't think you wanted me.
Now, when Iím around you hardly ever speak.
But I really shouldn't judge by the way you treated me
Cuz you were waitin' for the perfect time to set me free
I see, but I donít believe

Seems unreal to me almost like a dream
Now your lovin' me got me in disbelief
After all this time you made up your mind
Now youíre wonderin' why you got me in disbelief

[Verse 2] 
Kept it all inside had it tucked away for that day 
Didn't realize why you couldn't ever say 
That you really really really love me 
And Iím your man now your tellin' me that we are meant to be 
Now I don't understand 


Should've left it alone after waitin so long 
What are you doin to me baby? 
I don't wanna receive what youíre tellin' to me 
Not after how I have waited 

[chorus 3x]
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