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Enough (Interlude)
Mario Winans
Anno: 2004
Genere: Pop
Lingua: Inglese
[Phone Rings] 
[Girl] Hello 
[Guy] Hey yo 
[Girl] Hey baby 
[Guy] Where you at man? 
[Girl] Huh? Iím on my way home 
[Guy] It's four thirty in the mornin' 
[Girl] I know, I had to drop my girls off 
[Guy] Alright, be careful 
[Girl] Bye 

[Girl] Yeah girl, that was him 
I tell him the same thing I always tell him 
And it worked again 

[Guy] Yo it's still me on the phone 

Can't believe that you did it 
Oh baby, yeah 
Can't believe that you did it to me 
Oh baby 
Love ya baby
"Testi Canzoni" By MaxFava Versione 1.0 .Tutti i diritti riservati
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